Men's and Women's Soccer Guidelines 2019-20

Table of Contents

Section 1 - General Playing Guidelines

  • Sponsoring Institutions
  • Sport Committee Leadership
  • Start Times & Scheduling
  • Men's and Women's Double Headers
  • Cancelations & Rescheduling
  • Conference Scouting Policy
  • Home Team Responsibilities
  • Official Conference Ball
  • Postseason Conference Call
  • Film Exchange Policy
  • Weekly Awards
  • Annual Awards
  • Regional and National Award Voting
  • Sports Information and Statistics

Section 2 - Sportsmanship

  • Creating an Atmosphere of Respect
  • Expectations for Good Sportsmanship
  • Soccer Summit Agreement

Section 3 - Championship Guidelines

  • Championship Timeline
  • Coaches Meeting
  • Format
  • Seeding
  • Protests & Ties
  • Uniforms
  • Championship Awards
  • Game Times & Facility conflicts
  • Weather
  • Hosting
    • Hosting Criteria
    • Contest Management
    • Safety & Athletic Training
    • Championship Awards
    • Locker Rooms
    • Officials
    • NAC Banners
    • Spectators & Crowd Control
    • Alcohol & Tobacco
    • Concessions
    • Tickets
    • Championship T-shirts & Merchandise
    • Sports Information
    • Game Film

Section 4 - Appendix



Sponsoring Institutions (9)
2019-20: Canton, Delhi, UMaine-Farmington, Husson, NVU-Johnson, NVU-Lyndon, Maine Maritime, UMaine-Presque Isle, Thomas

Sport Committee Leadership

Women's Soccer

  • Chair: Deb Biche-Labbe, Thomas
  • Vice Chair: Seth Brown, Maine Maritime
  • Administrative Liaison: Randy Sieminski, SUNY Canton

Men's Soccer

  • Chair: Shane Bufano, NVU-Johnson
  • Vice Chair: Chris Parsons, Thomas
  • Administrative Liaison: Dan Kane, UMPI

Start Times & Scheduling
Start times for all weekend games should be no earlier than 1:00 PM and no later than 3:30 PM on Saturday and no earlier or later than 12:00 PM on Sunday unless mutually agreed upon by all institutions involved in weekend play.  

  • Each team shall play once per season, alternating home and away sites yearly unless changes in membership dictate otherwise.
  • NCAA guidelines for overtime and general playing rules will apply.
  • For single games, home team wears light uniform and away team will wear their dark uniform.
  • The host institution shall assist all NAC institutions by providing a list of hotel accommodations in the area.
  • When teams play on back-to-back days, game times should allow for a minimum rest period of 20 hours between games unless mutually agreed upon by all institutions involved in weekend play.
    • Host team should wear their home (light) uniforms on the first day of competition and their away (dark) on the second day of competition of back-to-back play. Visitors should do the reverse.

Men’s and Women’s double headers
In 2019, men will play the first game and women will play the second game all season. In 2020, women will play the first game and men will play the second game all season. During certain weather circumstances, order may be reversed to preserve field integrity.

  • It is recommended that double header contests are scheduled 2.5 hours apart unless weather or darkness concerns prohibit such.

Cancelations & Rescheduling
Conference members must make conference games their first priority at all times. All rained out or canceled games should be made up if at all possible. When weather dictates schedule changes for back-to-back conference play, all four teams involved in that weekend should be consulted. The commissioner will also be notified within 24 hours of postponement. Once a visiting team has left campus en route to the competition site, every possible attempt will be made to complete the contest to avoid repeat travel. 

The Commissioner (in consultation with the executive committee) has the authority to adjust the conference schedule so as to ensure (as much as is possible) the completion of the regular season conference schedule. This especially applies to scheduled competitions that could impact qualification for post-season play.

Conference Scouting Policy
Dissemination of scouting information on member institutions to non-conference institutions is not permitted beyond video (i.e. phone, e-mail, written materials, etc. are impermissible). It is permissible to share scouting information about conference opponents with other conference members.

Home Team Responsibilities

  • Set competition times/sites-i.e. if a field/venue is not playable, if there are two games, etc.
  • Provide a field that meets minimum NCAA regulation standards (unless Conference Office is informed otherwise).
  • Provide a certified athletic trainer at each contest.
    • All visiting teams must provide their own training supplies.
  • Provide the “NAC Soccer Referee Game Report” at the scorer’s table at all home contests (conference games only).
    • To be filled out by the head referee immediately upon completion of the contest and then emailed to the conference Commissioner within 24 hours of any home conference match. 
  • Provide game personnel including: 3 officials, official scorer, stat keeper, ball/lines people, etc.
  • Provide event programs including the lineups for each team.
  • Provide locker rooms for the visiting team at all games.
  • Provide an athletic administrator/site director who is responsible for sportsmanship/behavior of fans.
  • If an off-campus venue, the home team is responsible for having a game administrator present at least one hour prior to the contest to greet the visiting team.
  • Assist NAC institutions with a list of local food and hotel accommodations.
  • Announce the following NAC sportsmanship advisory prior to each game:

The NCAA and the North Atlantic Conference promote good sportsmanship by the student-athletes, coaches and spectators at today’s contest. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from (site of competition). Any spectators that enter the playing area during a contest, will be removed from (site of competition).

Official Conference Ball
Wilson Forte FYbrid II is the official conference ball and must be used in all conference games. Wilson will provide the NAC with 8 balls each for the Men's and Women's Soccer Championships.

Post-Season Conference Call
A conference call of all coaches will be scheduled following the season, at which point sport-specific issues and ideas will be discussed. The Sport Chairperson will be responsible for scheduling the call and will work with the conference office on the call agenda. For all sport conference calls, all future agenda items must be submitted two weeks prior to call so that these can be distributed to all coaches and AD’s prior to conference call. (November 2010)

Film Exchange Policy (2017)

  • Each institution is required to film all home conference contests. If the host is unable to film, unrelated to weather, they must inform the opponent a week in advance.
  • All conference game film will be shared with the entire group through an open library (2018) in HUDL within 24 hours of a mid-week competition or by twelve noon on the Monday following a weekend competition
    • Game film must be uploaded (and able to be downloaded) in raw film format to ensure flexibility for editing and sharing software.
    • A fine of $25.00 shall be placed on the institution each time they do not follow through with the film exchange policy (2018). Fines may be waived by the conference office if there are issues beyond the institution's control.
    • If there are any technical issues with film (filming or uploading), coaches are required to email their peers and the conference office prior to the upload deadline.
    • Hosts are NOT required to provide a DVD copy after the game.
    • Tournament film must be uploaded by the hosting institution (regardless of outcome) within conference time frame regulations.
  • Dissemination of scouting information on member institutions to non-conference institutions is not permitted beyond video (i.e. phone, e-mail, written materials, etc. are impermissible). It is permissible to share scouting information about conference opponents with other conference members.

Protocol for Filming games

  • Place the camera in a position that will allow for the best picture and most useable/teachable format for all teams and coaches.
  • The camera should be positioned on an elevated, level, and stable surface located within the fields restraining lines.
  • The camera view should be unrestricted and free of obstructions during filming to ensure a quality outcome. 
  • The viewing angle should be wide enough to allow the viewer to see the last defender on each team at all times. 
  • The camera person should cut to scoreboard shots during natural breaks in play within the game (halftime, goals, penalties, injuries, timeouts).
  • Zooming in and out should not be done in order to maintain a clear and consistent picture. 
  • The video person may ONLY pause taping during long periods of “inaction”, meaning at halftime, during timeouts, and weather delays.
  • Audio should be used.

Weekly Awards
Weekly awards begin the Monday following the first week of competition in which at least half of the member schools compete, and ends following the final NAC regular season game. Institutions are responsible for nominating student athletes for weekly awards through the NAC website.

  • Only regular season contest stats will be considered, even if tournament games begin during the week in which awards are given.
  • When contests occur prior to or the 50% threshold, and during the season when the 50% threshold is not met, such player stats will be considered for the following week’s awards.
  • Weekly nominations are due Monday at 10:00 a.m. and winners will be selected by the conference staff. 
  • Weekly awards selected for Men’s and Women’s Soccer:
    • Player of the Week
    • Defensive Player of the Week
    • Rookie of the Week

Annual Awards
Annual awards are selected through a vote by conference coaches and will be announced during the championship season. Coaches submit nominations and votes for annual awards at the conclusion of regular season conference play. Annual awards selected for Men’s and Women’s Soccer:

  • Player of the Year
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Senior Scholar Athlete
  • Coach of the Year
  • Sportsmanship Team (one member per team)
  • All-Conference First and Second Teams
    • The top three forwards, top three midfielders, and top three defenders along with the goalkeeper with the highest point total, will be named to the first team along with one at-large field player. The next top three forwards, top three midfielders, and top three defenders along with the goalkeeper with the second highest point total, will be named to the second team along with one at-large field player.
    • Coaches may nominate up to FIVE (5) field players and ONE (1) goalkeeper from their own team using the position-specific forms in the awards system on the NAC website. Players are nominated and selected by position, and coaches are required to rank their student-athletes (i.e. if you were to nominate 5 players you would rank them 1-5; nominate 4 players, rank them 1-4. (December 2015)). Only conference statistics will be included on the ballot.

Regional and National Award Voting
Coaches are strongly encouraged to become members of regional and national coaching groups, and to nominate worthy players and teams for award consideration. Participation in the voting process is strongly encouraged to increase the potential for the recognition of NAC student athletes.

Sports Information and Statistics
Sports Information staff are responsible for ensuring accurate game and statistical information, including:

  • Maintain an accurate schedule, including non-conference contests.
  • Notify the conference office about postponements and cancelations.
  • Maintain an accurate stat roster as required by the NCAA on the NAC website.
  • Submit the score of all home contests and away non-conference contests to the conference through the NAC website as soon as contests are complete.
  • Send packed stat game files to the visitor and uploading the XML to both the NAC website and the NCAA statistics and score reporting site in a timely manner.
  • Submit nominations for weekly honors through the NAC website.
  • Submit nomination information and photos for preseason polls and annual awards through the NAC website.
  • Assist coaches with preseason poll voting and the All-Conference nomination & voting process.



At the direction of the North Atlantic Conference Presidents and with the support of the Directors of Athletics, the conference embraces the theme "Creating an Atmosphere of Respect" for each of our sports. The ultimate goal for the NAC is to create an atmosphere that places the highest regard for exemplary behavior of all participants, coaches, administrators, fans and officials. The soccer community has agreed to a set of behavioral expectations for coaches and student athletes.

Behavioral Objectives for “Creating an atmosphere of respect” Initiative

  • All conference members will show respect for the opponent, teammates, coaches, officials, and the game.
  • Conference members will establish high expectations for all remembering that all individuals must represent their team, institution and conference well.
  • Coaches will interact with game officials in a respectful manner. 
  • A conference pre-game protocol was accepted. All starters from each team will be lead onto the field in two lines by the officials. At midfield, the teams, in single file will turn 90 degrees and move toward their respective goals, ultimately forming a single line at center field facing the direction as determined by the venue. After the playing of the national anthem (or after introductions if the game is the second of a double-header), the starting members of each team will shake the hands of the officials and their opponents at half field. Coaches will shake hands with each other at the half line. A post-game protocol was accepted. Teams will participate in a post-game “mingle” during which time team members can recognize good effort and play by their opponents in lieu of the traditional “handshake” line following the contest. Coaches will shake hands immediately upon completion of the contest. Please see the “Soccer Summit Agreement” below for more information on expectations of coaches and athletics directors.
  • Following each NAC Conference Game, visiting coaches and event managers will have the option to provide feedback on the behavior of other coaches, student athletes and fans through the use of an evaluation tool aimed not at punitive action but on the enhancement of all NAC programs. To access the form online, go to, and log into the administrative section of the website to obtain the Contest Feedback form.  The Commissioner will follow up with appropriate individuals on all feedback submitted.

  NAC Expectations for Good Sportsmanship (from NAC Bylaws):

  • Observing and supporting the rules of the game.
  • Promoting the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.
  • Placing fairness first as a goal in all competition.
  • Taking personal responsibility for high standards of play and conduct.
  • Showing civility toward competitors, coaches and officials.
  • Playing cleanly while playing hard.
  • Showing maturity and integrity in conduct on and off the field of play.
  • Being a gracious competitor and accepting both wins and losses with dignity.

Soccer Summit Agreement (2016)

Coach Agreement
In a desire to enhance the game environment for the game of soccer within the North Atlantic Conference, coaches agree to model positive behavior in an atmosphere of collegiality. In support of this commitment, NAC coaches support the following actions:

  • With regard to behavior on the field (and in bench areas), particular focus will be given to cards issued for unsporting behaviors like: the use of foul language, trash talking to opponents and dissent of officials. Coordinators of officials will be directed to take consistent action for poor behavior on the field. For the current soccer season, the conference will continue undergo an examination of yellow cards issued for all conference play. Based on the analysis, the NAC may consider additional sanctions for infractions, to exceed that which is required by NCAA rules of soccer, in the future.
  • In support of soccer culture, the coaches will instruct their teams to participate in a post-game “mingle” during which time they can recognize good effort and play by their opponents in lieu of the traditional “handshake” line following the contest. Coaches will model this behavior through their own handshake with the opposing coach immediately upon completion of the contest.
  • Coaches support the use of permissible noisemakers by fans in recognition of the opportunity to refrain from negative comments from the opposing spectators while contributing to the excitement of the game environment.  (NOTE: On March 1, 2016 The soccer rules committee approved use of some artificial noise makers)
  • With regard to spectator management, coaches request where possible, the placement of personnel benches away from fans or main stands (far side of the field). They also request appropriate monitoring in the areas immediately behind the goals as outlined in rule 1.2, “Boundry Lines”, of the 2015-16 NCAA men’s & women’s soccer rules and interpretations book.
  • Coaches support the consideration of utilizing a conference assignor for all NAC games. Such action would allow the conference to set standards focused on the identified points of emphasis and provide coaches the opportunity to evaluate officials.

Director of Athletics Expectations for Coaches
Sharing the intent to enhance the game environment for student athletes, the Athletics Directors agree to the following expectations:

  • Head coaches will properly manage their bench area including assistant coaches, managers and student-athletes.
  • Coaches will clearly articulate expectations for behavior to student-athletes during pre-season training and will quickly respond to issues of inappropriate behavior that occur on the field of play (and on the sidelines).
  • Coaches will refrain from communicating with team members from the opposing team except in a complimentary fashion.
  • Institutions will clearly identify the roles any personnel will play in the case of an issue arising on or around the field of play as described in the NCAA Sportsmanship Statement. This will include communicating protocol to visiting teams and identifying game administrators and security on site. Game management personnel will be proactive in identifying potential problems and addressing them prior to their escalation.
  • Directors of Athletics will reinforce with their coaches the expectation to compete in the spirit of “sportsmanship” during all games in accordance with the North Atlantic Conference and NCAA Division III philosophy and will establish accountability processes to address issues of concern.

Conference Support:
In support of the goals of the sportsmanship program, the NAC staff will:

  • Provide a method and guidance to institutions with regard to reporting all cards to the conference office.
  • Manage the tracking of cards and issue reports to institutions on a regular basis identifying the number of and reason for the issuance of cards.
  • Assist with the communication of the sportsmanship program by providing promotional resources to institutions for the education of coaches, players, games administrators, officials, fans, etc.


Championship Timeline 2019
Click the sport name below to visit the Championship Central.

Women's Soccer Championship

Last Play Date Tuesday, October 29
Pre-tournament Call Wednesday, October 30, 11:00 AM
Quarterfinals Saturday, November 2 or Sunday, November 3
Semifinals Saturday, November 9
Championship Sunday, November 10


Men's Soccer Championship

Last Play Date Tuesday, October 29
Pre-tournament Call Wednesday, October 30, 10:00 AM
Quarterfinals Saturday, November 2 or Sunday, November 3
Semifinals Saturday, November 9
Championship Sunday, November 10

Championship Coaches Meetings

The pre-tournament conference calls for all participating teams are Wednesday, October 30 – Men at 10AM, Women at 11AM.

  • The Administrative Liaison and conference staff will facilitate this meeting. Participaing institutions must have a representative on the call, preferrably the head coach. However, the Athletic Director or another institutional representative may serve as a substitute for the coach if necessary. Coaches not participating in the tournament are welcome, but not required, to participate.
  • Head coaches will meet briefly with officials and game administrators prior to all rounds of the tournament in a mandatory meeting to review tie-break rules, protests, weather and field conditions, ground rules, etc.

Championship Format
Top six (6) teams qualify for the NAC Championship tournament, with the top two (2) seeds receiving a bye in the first round. Seeding will take place following the completion of all conference contests and will be announced on the conference website.

Quarterfinals: Saturday, November 2 OR Sunday, November 3 at the higher seeded institutions. Teams may choose to play Saturday or Sunday by mutual consent based on academic, hosting, and travel needs.

Pairings: #6 @ #3 and #5 @ #4

Semifinals and Finals Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10, in final four format at the #1 seed.

Semifinals, Saturday, November 9:
(Winner of #6 vs. #3) vs.  #2
(Winner of #5 vs. #4) vs. #1

Finals, Sunday, November 10:
Semifinal Winners

Note:  If the #1 seed is the same for the men and women and the school is unable to host all four semifinal games on Saturday, semifinal games will be played Friday/Sunday and Saturday/Sunday.  A rotation for which gender moves was established, and the women’s semifinal will move to Friday the first year this situation occurs.

If competing teams cannot agree on the date for quarterfinals, the conference commissioner will facilitate selection of a game date and time.

Championship Seeding
The Conference Commissioner and Associate Commissioner will seed teams following the last NAC competition using results provided by the institution through the conference website. Tiebreaking results will be shared with the Sport Liaison, Sport Chair and Championships Chair. The following criteria will be used to seed teams:

  • Soccer uses a point system of 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie for determination of Conference Standings with the stipulation that if a conference game is not played the process will revert back to conference winning percentage. The team with the highest number of points will be the top seed. (2011)
  • When using conference winning % - must have completed 2/3 of conference games to be eligible. Contests against institutions failing to meet this requirement will not be counted as conference contests for purposes of seeding. 

In case of a tie, the following tiebreaking procedures will be followed:

  • Head-to-head result (two-way tie).
  • In ties among three or more schools or when head-to-head results between two teams are equal, the following criteria will be applied, in order, until a team is (or teams are) separated. At that point, the process begins anew, (returning to the first criteria) with the remaining teams.
    • Best record among tied teams. During this step, the conference will only examine records of tied teams in contests with each other.
    • Comparison of results against conference opponents one team at a time starting with the highest ranked team and continuing in downward rank order until the tie is broken.
    • Comparison of results against non-conference common opponents. During this step, non-conference games with conference opponents will not be considered.
    • Comparison of winning percentage vs. NCAA Division III opponents (added 3/2009) with .500+ winning.
    • Coin toss.

Note: Overall winning percentage was deleted from tiebreaking for Soccer in 2014.

Protests & Ties
All protests and ties will be handled in accordance with NCAA Regulations.

Championship Uniforms & Home Designation
The higher seed will be the home team during all rounds of championship play and will wear home uniforms. However, color of uniforms may be changed to accommodate teams playing back-to-back if agreed upon by both coaches and athletic directors.

Championship Awards
The championship team receives a plaque, t-shirts, and the traveling trophy. The MVP receives a plaque.

An All-Tournament Team will be named for each championship (11 selections total)

  • 3rd and 4th place teams receive two selections each.
  • 2nd place team receives three selections.
  • Champion receives three selections plus an MVP selection.

Championship Game Times
Game times listed for Championships are preferred. In cases where a disagreement occurs between the competing institutions, or when both institutions would like to schedule outside of the preferred game times, an Ad Hoc Committee will convene to make a determination. The committee will include the Championship Chairperson, Commissioner, and Administrative Liaison (unless the Administrative Liaison is from one of the institutions competing, then another AD will be selected by the Commissioner).

*During the last half of October and the first half of November, all football playing institutions are requested to schedule home contests for Noon, 12:00 PM

No Facility Conflicts

  • Quarterfinals - Start time will be between 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM  For venues without lights, contests must commence by 2:00 PM 
  • Semifinals- Start time will be between 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM  For venues without lights, contests must commence by 2:00 PM
  • Finals - If one game, game time is 1:00 PM

Facility Conflicts (August 2015)

For Sites with Football Home Contest on Tournament Date:

One Tournament Contest (on football field)

  • Football game must commence by 12:00 PM
  • Tournament game will follow with a start by 5:00 PM

Two Tournament Contests (on football field)

  • If one traveling team is out of region (i.e. New York traveling to Maine or the reverse), the out of region team will play in the first contest on Saturday with a 4:30 PM start.
  • If both visiting teams are in or out of region, the first Tournament game will be sport with the largest gap from prior round will follow with a start by 4:30 PM (Field Hockey or Women’s Soccer 2017).
  • Saturday Second Tournament game will follow with preferred start by 7:00 PM

Three Tournament Contests (on football field)

  • Sport with largest gap from prior round will play on Friday with a start time between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM (Field Hockey 2017).
  • Saturday contests will be determined as follows:  If one traveling team is out of region (i.e. New York traveling to Maine or the reverse), the out of region team will play in the first contest on Saturday with a 4:30 PM start.
  • If both visiting teams are in or out of region, the first Tournament game will be sport with the largest gap from prior round will follow with a start by 4:30 PM (Women’s Soccer 2017).
  • Saturday Second Tournament game will follow with preferred start by 7:00 PM

For Sites with 2-3 Sports utilizing same venue (no football game)

Two Tournament Contests

  • If one traveling team is out of region (i.e. New York traveling to Maine or the reverse), the out of region team will play in the first contest on Saturday.
  • If both visiting teams are in or out of region, the first Tournament game will be sport with the largest gap from prior round. (Field Hockey or Women’s Soccer 2017)
  • Second Tournament game will follow with a start by 5:00 PM

Three Tournament Contests

  • If one traveling team is out of region (i.e. New York traveling to Maine or the reverse), the out of region team will play in the first contest on Saturday.
  • If two or more traveling teams are out of region, the sport with largest gap from prior round will play first game on Saturday.
  • The second and third games will follow in the same manner.
  • Preferred start for the third game will be by 5:00 PM

If inclement weather occurs and games cannot be rescheduled by the day prior to the semifinals, and the quarterfinals cannot be played, the higher seeds will automatically advance to the semifinals. The decision to postpone/cancel must be made by Host AD, traveling AD and conference commissioner.  If inclement weather continue, the top seed will be declared the conference champion for the NCAA selections of the AQ’s. A rain or snow date will be built into the championship dates.

The home team must certify that their field, or one within approximately 90 minutes from their campus or located between host school and opponent, will be playable for tournament games. If weather precludes play on the scheduled date, the game may be moved to the next day provided the institution can certify the field will be playable and the NCAA deadline for submission of the AQ permits this.  If the host is not able to certify as required, the game/s will be moved to the opponent’s site.

Championship Hosting

Hosting Criteria
Higher seeds in all rounds of Championship play have the opportunity to host, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Field: Minimum NCAA Standard (65 yards wide x 110 yards long).
  • Closely cut grass (turf) and clearly visible lines.
  • Bench capacity of 24.
  • If there are two games back-to-back, the teams playing the second game must have access to a warm up site.
  • Adequate parking.
  • Adequate security and crowd control.
  • Official scorers table on the field or in the press box.
  • Visible score board and game clock.
  • Four NCAA regulation balls provided by host institution.

Institutions should meet all guidelines to host conference championships.

  • Any institution that does not exactly meet the standards, but wishes to host, may submit a request with the hosting form to the commissioner for consideration at the August meeting of athletic administrators.
  • Host institution may request permission to use an off-site facility within approximately 90 minutes from their campus or located between host school and opponent, to meet host requirements for tournament games (March 2018).
  • For a single game, if the higher seed is unable to meet the above hosting criteria, the lower seed will have the opportunity to host. When using a final four format, if the higher seed is unable to host, the next highest seed will have the opportunity.

Contest Management Staff
Host institutions shall provide appropriate contest management staff including:

  • Site Director
  • Security/crowd control
  • Official scorer
  • Stat personnel
  • Ball/lines people
  • Official timer/clock operator
  • Official Announcer
  • Official Videotape Personnel
  • Student or Staff hosts to assist visiting teams

Safety & Athletic Training

  • The standard NAC Sportsmanship Statement must be read before each game.
  • Bathroom Facilities must be adequate, in close proximity to the playing venue, and meet ADA requirements.
  • Certified athletic training personnel must be available on-site 90 minutes before game time and 30 minutes post-game.
  • Visiting teams must provide adequate athletic training supplies (tape, prewrap, icebags, etc.) for their own needs.
  • Access to emergency transport is required.

Championship Awards
Awards will be presented after the championship contest.

  • The conference office orders plaques to have them delivered to the host institution in a timely manner.
  • Awards should be displayed prior to the championship game, if possible. Awards must be presented by a conference representative, the sport chairperson, the host athletic director or designee.
  • A script for the award ceremony will be distributed to the host, and includes All-Tournament Team members from previous games.

Locker rooms
Locker rooms must accommodate two teams for each game. Game times should be set to allow appropriate locker room space for each team.

  • A "Chalk Talk" board should be available for each team.

The host institution must secure and pay officials for all rounds of tournament play. All games are to have three officials, and the same officiating crews should not be used for more than one round of championship play.

NAC Banners
The NAC Banner should be displayed during the championship.

Spectators & Crowd Control
The responsibility for crowd control rests with the host institution and the Tournament Director. Administrators and coaches of participating institutions are expected to communicate with their students and other fans that support for teams should be done in a positive manner. The NAC sportsmanship statement should be communicated to fans before each contest, and is to be included in the championship program.

Alcohol & Tobacco
Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted and shall not be made available or be brought into any NAC championship event venue, which extends to other facilities (the championship site shall define “other facilities” – i.e. the parking lot).

The host institution is encouraged to have food and beverages available for spectators at events. Sales from such ventures remain with the host institution.

Ticket sales and concessions are optional. If a gate is charged, institutions are permitted to charge the same prices they utilized during the regular season. 

  • If a gate is being charged, all institutions must be notified in advance and complementary tickets for each tournament participant must be provided.
  • Complementary tickets will be limited to two institutional representatives and two tickets per roster member.

Championships T-shirts and Merchandise
Institutions may choose to sell NAC championship merchandise. All merchandise must be approved by the conference office in advance of the championship.

Championship Sports Information
Strong sports information staff members are vital to a successful championship tournament. The Associate Commissioner will work closely with SIDs to support the championship. Expectations include:

  • Confirm game times and details on the NAC website.
  • Maintain live scores and stats on the NAC website.
  • Provide updates on social media platforms using institution and conference handles and hashtags.
  • Submit the final score to the conference through the NAC website.
  • Send packed stat game file to the visitor and upload the XML file to the NAC website following the contest.
  • Share a game summary and box score with opponent, the conference office, and media outlets following all hosted contests (media outlets must be provided to host institution in advance). When possible, the Associate Commissioner will assist with game summaries and distribution.
  • Take a digital Championship Team photo and send it to the conference office immediately following the contest. The photo should also be shared with championship team.
  • Provide programs for all tournament contests. Game programs should include:
    • Name of all competing institutions
    • Complete roster of teams participating at specific site
    • Institutional synopsis of participating teams
    • NAC history/information etc.
    • Previous year’s tournament information including the previous sports champions
    • NAC/NCAA Sportsmanship expectations
    • NAC logo
    • School logos
    • Wilson logo (sponsor)
    • Conference Awards Sponsor Logo (Currently Award Guys)

Game Film
The host institution must upload all rounds of tournament games  at the earliest possible time after the conclusion of each game (on the same day).



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